EverCharge racks up 5 million miles in 2018

In 2018 over 5,000,000 miles were driven on the EverCharge network. That is the equilivant distance of going to the moon and back over 12 times.

Emeryville based, EverCharge makes and installs charging in condos and apartments and office buildings. They work with property owners to navigate the complexities of EV charging regulations, permitting, approvals, capacity limitations, and property reimbursements. According to EverCharge, every year since 2016 the numbers of miles driven on its network has doubled.

EverCharge's Director Of Marketing, Joseph Nagle says, “The EV industry has always faced a very simple chicken or the egg problem. People wanted to buy an EV but were waiting for a charger and on the other side OEMs were waiting for people to buy EVs before they started to make any in real numbers. Tesla certainly proved once you build a charging network people will flock to your product. The problem, however, continues to persist as while the Supercharger network is great for road trips and emergencies people still should have a charger at home. For those living in apartments or condos this was a big problem that EverCharge solved.”