Trajectory Conference comes to Oakland April 8-9

Keynote Speaker will be Adrian Cockcroft, Vice President Cloud Architecture Strategy at Amazon Web Services. Session presenters include Cindy Alvarez, Principal PM Manager at Microsoft.

Trajectory's Space Camp Half-Day Training will be Monday April 8 (1pm – 6:30pm)
Space Camp is a half-day of technical training sessions focused on LaunchDarkly architecture and best practices. Sessions will focus on incorporating feature flags into software development processes.

The Full-Day Conference will be Tuesday April 9 (8am - 8pm)
At Trajectory Conference, attendees will discover how modern development teams and leading organizations are using feature management for improved visibility, testing in production, and safer, more progressive releases. The main full-day event will feature two tracks of content: one focused on DevOps best practices and the other future vision. Topics covered will include testing in production, progressive delivery, observability, experimentation, continuous delivery, chaos engineering, microservices, and DevOps 2.0.

Modern development teams are using feature management to deliver faster and take on more development cycles. This best practice enables engineering teams to continuously deploy code, and empowers business teams with control over features so they can manage their customers' experience.

Trajectory Conference is put on by LaunchDarkly. LaunchDarkly is an Oakland-based continuous delivery platform to help software teams move faster with less risk. LaunchDarkly was started in 2014 by Edith Harbaugh and John Kodumal.