East Bay Venture Capital

East Bay Venture Capital is a program of East Bay Startup Foundation. East Bay Venture Capital invests in early-stage startups. We invest in consumer, B2B, entertainment and disruptive service businesses.

Note: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are not reviewing new companies at this time. We will monitor the situation and hopefully resume full operations in the 3rd quarter.

There are a number of factors that inform our investment decisions. Some key things that we look for are:

  • We believe the company has high growth potential.
  • Company is based in the East Bay or will be based in the East Bay after investment.
  • We believe that our expertise will help the company go further faster.

Furthermore, we are concerned with seeing more equitable outcomes with regards to who benefits from tech innovation. We look for companies who will see themselves as part of the East Bay community and share our commitment to making the East Bay a model of shared prosperity.


Curtis Carter is the Managing Director of East Bay Venture Capital. Curtis has over 20 years of experience in product development, marketing and finance. For the past 2 years he has run East Bay Startup Foundation's new initiatives. Curtis is a public speaker and lecturer. He also writes on various topics including finance, development, social issues and philosophy.